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Get Ready W/ Me For the Day | My Current Go-To Day-to-Night Makeup Look Using My Favorite Products!

Get Ready W/ Me for the Day | My Current Go-To Day-to-Night Makeup Look Using My Favorite Products!

C H E C K U S O U T:

P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D:
– TOOD Brow Soap: *Vegan*
– Westman Atelier Brow Pencil: *Vegan*
– Westman Illuminator Drop: *Vegan*
– Iris & Romeo Best Skin Days: *Vegan*
– Kulfi Concealer: *Vegan*
– Merit Foundation/Concealer Stick: *Vegan*
– Rose Inc Bronzer: *Vegan*
– Victoria Beckham Beauty Eyeliner: *Vegan*
– Merit Beauty Blush: *Vegan*
– LYS Beauty Setting Spray: *Vegan*
– Ami Cole Setting Powder: *Vegan*
– Bareminerals Blush: *Vegan*
– Jones Road Beauty Single Shadow: *Vegan*
– Minori Highlighter: *Vegan*
– Roen Beauty Eyeshadow Palette: *Vegan*
– Westman Atelier Mascara: *Vegan*
– Jones Road Beauty Mascara: *Vegan*
– Jones Road Beauty Lip Liner: *Vegan*
– Ole Henriksen Lip Balm: *Vegan*
– Jones Road Lip Tint: *Vegan*

O T H E R L I N K S:
– My Watch:

M Y F O U N D A T I O N S H A D E S:
– Kosas Tinted Face Oil in Shade 07:
– Ilia Serum Skin Tint in Shades 12.75 & 13:
– Ilia Serum Foundation in Shade Maraca:
– Saie Beauty Slip Cover in Shades Five & Six:
– Merit Beauty Foundation in Shade Buff:
– Westman Atelier Foundation in Shade Atelier X:
– Westman Atelier Skin Tint in Shade X:
– LYS Beauty Foundation in Shade TN6:
– Ami Cole Skin Tint in Shades Medium 1 & 2:
– Tower 28 Tinted Sunscreen in shades 45 Silver Lake & 40 Runyon:
– Exa Beauty Foundation in Shade Rebecca 270:
– Kosas Revealer Foundation in shade 290:
– Summer Fridays Skin Tint in Shade 5:
– Haus Labs Foundation in Shade 330:
– Ciele Skin Tint in Shade 08:

D I S C O U N T C O D E S:
*Minori Beauty* : (15% off) THECLEANBEAUTYCODE15
*Sand & Sky* : (15% off) MANON15
*Versed* : (10% off) THECLEANBEAUTYCODE10
*Kosas* : (One time 10% off) CLEANCODE10
*Manucurist* : (15% off) NAILSMANON

E M A I L U S!

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