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Samita Nandy – Checking Vegan Fashion in Lisbon 2021

Watch: “Samita Nandy 2023 Media Showreel”
I will start this week with an exciting update as an “actorpreneur” while I am checking some new vegan fashion and ballroom dance training for my next short film!

For those who are new to the term, here is a bit of reference:

As an actorpreneur, I not only cultivate my acting career like a solo business but I offer opportunities to fellow actors, filmmakers, and researchers / writers, supporting acing careers.

So, here is my update:

On behalf of the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies, I am upgrading my screening projector so that working actors and filmmakers can share short pieces of their creative work in person or online. The spirit of giving a voice to role models despite the pressures of fame is informed by several publications and conferences I sponsored in the past. I am both excited and nervous in terms of doing justice to this much-needed cause but the goal is to create more one-on-one community conversations to the best of our abilities and reward all our small and big wins in our journeys.

And, if there is anyone who wants to help, I would be more than happy to consider in the spirit of support! Remember: we rise together!

On this note, have a fabulous end to October – Samita Nandy

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