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The BELT OF ORION could just be the coolest men’s vegan belt ever… it’s animal friendly, ruggedly handsome, has a nickel-free buckle and is virtually indestructible!

In fact, it’s so strong it comes with a four year guarantee to not break or crack at the holes.

Check out the pre-launch page right now to get early bird pricing and access when I launch on Kickstarter, and be the first to own the coolest vegan belt ever 😊


Live your Truth, and respect others

Truth Belts is an independently owned vegan belt and vegan fashion company located in Toronto Canada.

Since 2001, Truth’s mission has been to provide people like you with the highest quality of vegan belts and vegan fashion accessories at competitive prices.

It doesn’t matter who you are! Whether you’re a high-rolling executive, a down-to-Earth hippie, or anyone in between, you’ll find a Truth Belt to meet your needs.

Check out Truth’s many fun and stylish products, and see for yourself!

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