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The hilarious, charming, and talented Jason Wrobel, celebrity chef and Sunwarrior ambassador, rocks the first official day of the Vida Vegan Con sporting a Sunwarrior t-shirt and well-rested from his pile of Classic Plus protein samples. He gets green beans on his nametag, so they stay near and dear to his heart throughout the conference. Today was the Vegan Bazaar all day long, filled with speakers, food venders, crafts, art, and plenty of the coolest vegan swag you can find. Join J-Wro on the inside where he fills you in on all the inside scoops, starting with scooping up some vegan cheeses. Cheese is one of the hardest things for many people to give up when transitioning to a more plant-based lifestyle, but there are innovators making this easier for everyone. Miyoko’s Creamery shows off artisan cheeses made in the Bay Area with all the best plant-based ingredients. Smear it on crackers, crumble it in salads or even an vegan sundae. The cheeses don’t stop there. J-Wro also manages to find nacho cheese drizzled over chips and Punk Rawk Labs’ versions for a delicious caprese salad. Vegan Nom’s taco truck stepped up to fuel Jason’s walk through the con with interesting ingredients like miso, sweet potato, and sautéed mushrooms. He devoured them quickly. This just goes to show a hint of the many vegan recipes out there, but there were plenty of recipe books floating around in case you need a little help. Jason also took some time to chat with the amazing group of like-minded people who showed up to the conference. Apparently everyone’s obsessed with mangoes and avocados this year and a few shared J-Wro’s enthusiasm for a well constructed taco as one of the most romantic foods on the planet. Think there’s nothing new happening in veganism? Then you should try the Dandies Marshmallows or the Live Kombucha Sodas. It’s not all about food though. There’s t-shirts, belts, scarves, hats, shoes, boots, and other apparel to be found, not to mention the bags, wallets, and art that’s everywhere at the con. Despite not being all about food, Jason is a chef after all, and he winds his day down at the Bouldin Creek Café with friends, where the food looks so good everyone had to take pictures of one another’s orders to save for posterity. It was a good looking mix of eclectic dishes and needed to be preserved. Come back again for more glimpses into the fun of the Vida Vegan Con in Austin, Texas tomorrow with Jason Wrobel and Sunwarrior.
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