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Hi everyone! Today I am very excited to share my new #Veganmakeuptutorial routine with you! Do you want to learn more about #VeganMakeup or #veganBeauty? Then you are in the right place! I went vegan almost 2 years ago and I am currently in the works of making all of my makeup Vegan. I am so happy and love the products i currently have and or are using and needed to share them with all of you! All of the items except for one are available at drugstores and even Dollar Trees! If you have been interested in Vegan products and haven’t given them a go yet definitely give this video a watch and them go get them lol. Thank you for all of your support and I hope you like this video, see you in my next one!


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0:00-0:20 Intro
0:21-0:57 Primer
0:58-1:29 Powder
1:30-3:29 Foundation
3:30-5:01 Concealer
5:02-6:13 Bronzer
6:14-7:52 Blush
7:53-9:40 Highlighter
9:41-10:27 Eyeliner
10:28-11:37 Mascara
11:38-14:10 Lashes & Glue
14:11-15:23 Lips
15:24-17:26 Outro

#VeganBeauty #VeganMakeupTutorial #VeganMakeupForBeginners

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